Anne Louise Bang, Agnese Caglio, Vibeke Riisberg, Karen Marie Hasling


In this workshop we are occupied with materials as a means to relate to objects and our environments. We introduce the Repertory Grid technique as a dialogue tool, based on sensorial perception of soft and hard materials.
Thus, the aim of the workshop is twofold: firstly, it encourages engagement and conversations about materials on themes such as perception of material qualities. Secondly, it discusses the potential of talking with materials, that is: using the material world as a resource for conversation.
The workshop is based on previous research conducted within the field of fashion and textiles where we have identified a need to develop and introduce tools and techniques that can support designers in embracing environmental challenges through dialogue with users and consumers.
At the Nordes Conference 2015 we seek to attract researchers from a wide variety of design disciplines encouraging them to contribute to further development of the dialogue tool.

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