Yiying Wu, Aoi Yoshizawa


Plant Hotel in Nordes 2015 is a hotel for plants, where the local members of Konstfack check in their plants and the conference participants water the plants. Each plant owner, who would trust the setup of the conference and its participants, brings their plants. In addition each plant giver will be asked to choose the ‘right’ school amongst all the participant schools to specifically water his/her plant, and the reasons would be noted and also exhibited with the plant. The participants from the chosen school are asked to take care of the plant during the conference. With ‘Choose the right school for your plant’, we aim to provide an interactive and collective platform between the hosts and guests, and also among all the members of Nordes community.

It is a participatory project that gives the focus on the social and discursive aspects. Plant is positioned in the centre of an exploration of collaborative care. The social meanings that are created from the interactions of collaborative care of the plants would be investigated. The boundary is challenged as its normative relation with its owner is pushed toward a more open space. Whilst a type of new relation is created as it requires care from the people who are not the owners. And what new relation is created, how and what does it mean for both types of participants? Inspired by the contemporary art approach ‘relational aesthetics’ outlined by Nicholas Bourriaud(2002), this project attempts to explore new social relations among different social groups through plant as the medium.

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