Thomas Arvid Jaeger


This article deals with the interplay between language and form. It deals with form as a 3- dimensional object, and therefore uses architecture, sculpture and products of industrial design as examples and sets focus on three concepts in our language associated with 3 aspects related to pictures and pictorial thinking. The metaphor, the dichotomy and the narrative The concepts can otherwise be termed as the comparison, the difference, and meaningful coherence. They will be described both in connection with the normal verbal understanding of the phrases and linked to the artistic process and understanding of pictures and form. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the three aspects and their significance and use this to create new knowledge on 3-dimensional form. In music and language we have a well-known and mutual theoretical model of the elements. We do not have at mutual theory of form, but a lot of elements. Knowledge of such models and theories are extremely relevant to education at university level. This article does not postulate that it is the only way to understand form, but it indicates that our thinking in words and pictures are very much the same.

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