Of Machines and Man: Exploring Growth and Decay of Movement for Interaction Design

Larisa Sitorus, Esti Utami Handarini


In this article we explore Ingold’s notion of growth and decay of movement, an approach of understanding the relationship between human and the environment. We presented two instances regarding human and machine movement from our exploration during a brief ethnographic study at a local pot warehouse. This is followed by further analysis of two video clips, where we explore the richness of human movement as a relationship between the actor and the environment; we then analyze how the task is done differently in the machine’s case. In the last part of this article, we raise issues regarding the appropriation and implication of this notion of growth and decay of movement in the field of interaction design. We concluded with opening up a discussion arena for further works in this field to look at the appropriation of technology in relation to the importance of human’s freedom to move, express and experience.

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