The CARE article – Collaborative articulation in rehabilitation after hand surgery.

Per Linde, Stefan Olofsson, Thomas Sokoler, Jonas Löwgren, Mette Agger Eriksen


Undergoing rehabilitation is a learning process. For the patient to learn about his condition and ways of affecting it. For the caregiver to learn about the patient’s situation and potential. This mutual learning can be supported through the notion of collaborative articulation. A article interfaces is used for sharing relevant patient narratives, adding supportive media for patients to take home, collaboratively articulating the next steps in treatment and generating feedback on progress. The CARE article carries link to digital media which can be viewed on a variety of displays. A special device, Mouse++, is used for navigating on the article as well as on the active display. Patients can use ordinary capture devices such as cameras, voice recorders or video cameras and there after attach the media to the article. At the clinic the article can be used for capturing instruction videos on training or how to take care of the wound etc. The design case described is a work in progress.

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