What`s the fuss with emotional interaction

Stefania Anardottir, Marie Hartmann, Anne Sofie Jørgensen, Kyle Kilbourn, Swantje Pyrus, Dovilè Valkauskaitè, Yin Yue


This article is the result of a three-week course where we
choose to specialize in the role of interaction in
emotional design. We will elaborate on the meaning of
emotions in general and how emotions are expressed and
interpreted. Specifically, we describe methods of
working and understanding users' emotions that are
important to the design task.  We concentrate on two
groups of users people needing a medical injection at
least three times a month and elderly people having
problems organizing their memories. The emotions we
deal with in these cases are related to the actions of the
users when they deal with their problems. 
Finally, we explore ways of bringing in our user findings
into concept development. 

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