The Images of the Future of Craft and Design Professions

Kristiina Soini-Salomaa


Craft and design form a part in the creative industries. Consequent upon the ongoing transformation of creative economy, craft and design sector is looking for new activity models. The growth of experience economy, welfare and leisure services lead to novel customer needs. The craft and design professionals require new professional models, partners and networks to respond the changing customer needs. The transformation from product-oriented model to process-oriented and customer-oriented models presume novel professional skills.


Nowadays craft and design students are tomorrow’s professionals. How the craft and design students’ expectations confront the demands of the operational environment in the future? The Finnish industry can employ only limited amount of designers. The new and innovative operational models are needed to provide for the employment of Finnish craft and design sector.


Is there call for small sized local production in the future? The need for the next door services and customized products can strengthen regional and local craftsmanship and small business. Also the ecological values and sustainability support the philosophy of craftsmanship. The challenge in the branch is to create interesting sustainable production and service supply.  Can the design education respond to these challenges?


Craftsmanship, craft entrepreneurship, arts and crafts, future studies, the images of the future

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