Henriette Maria Koblanck


This is an explorative article detailing the development of a novel and comprehensive method to create a more inclusive and easily accessible design method applicable to a wide array of design projects, academic and professional. The purpose of this article is to introduce the “Identity Tool Kit” (ITK) - a method aimed at assisting designers and clients in the creation of visual platforms and identities in relation to product and service development. The formulation of the method began 10 years ago and it has been employed by approximately 600 university students within several disciplines and in numerous projects outside of academia. Based on project evaluations, 90% of participants found the method very useful. Many students have continued to use the method as they have embarked on professional careers within the field of design. The Identity Tool Kit has proved capable of achieving set goals within different areas of design and in relation to different types of design processes. Crucially, the Identity Tool Kit is more than just a design method since it has extensive management implications. The case study presented at the end shows how the method was used in the region of Kalmar, Sweden. This particular example was picked because of the nature of the project, the wide array of peoples’ backgrounds, and it illustrates how the method supports the participation of all stakeholders in design processes.

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