Designing Research Infrastructure for Open-access Publishing

Cheryl E. Ball


This short paper introduces how design research can change the power dynamics at play in commercial publishing so that they are shifted from the publishers to the people - that is, the researchers and scholars who want to publish design research in traditional and non-traditional modalities. Making our research as publicly accessible as possible through open-access publishing (as well, in this case, through inclusive language) can only serve to disrupt the uneven power balance in academic publishing.

The paper briefly introduces the basic concepts of open-access scholarship as they relate to digital publishing, provides a short case on multimedia publishing relevant to practice-based design research, and discusses the importance of designing technical infrastructures that can help design fields publish this kind of OA scholarship. The case is an in-progress design project in which a team from the USA and Norway are collaboratively designing a new academic publishing platform called Vega that will be radically innovative for designers, scholars, and publishers.

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