Exploring Environmental Dimensions: On Sustainability as an Architectural Problem; Why It Is Not Enough To Discuss Space and Time Only

Maria Davidova


My research aims to explore how architecture responds to environmental input. It claims that this to a large degree
is done today by “add-on” technology, e.g. sound environment is modified with specialized dampening materials, and climatic issues are addressed with increasingly complex and energy consuming ventilation systems. The conceptual and/or artistic architectural expressions are often not approaching those aspects in direct consideration (except i.e. project "Morpho-Ecologies", Responsive or Performative Architectures). As a critique of this division of environmental criteria from the architectural overall performance the research seeks to demonstrate and systematize an integral approach where the environmental responses are met with material systems that also form new architectural spaces and forms. The synergy of interdisciplinary architectural research and criticism is crucial to this project which hopes to motivate and perhaps inspire practice as well as the public.

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