Who Cares? …But first, what is the who, and what is care?

Ian Coxon, Craig Bremner


What is Care? A word, a concept or a myth? In this paper we explore some of the key formulations of Care that should be considered if Care is to become instrumentalised in design. Primarily, we revisit that meaning of Care which could be of most value to design. After all, Care, at least to some, is the essence of what it means to be human. The goal of this paper is to prompt reconsideration of the many differing notions of Care and to stop for a moment to investigate one formulation of Care that contributes a way of clearly addressing the who in Who Cares? (WE human beings) and through this; to establish an alternative platform for 'response-ible' future design; design that is based on Care, centred in Care and fundamentally is Care in action. We ask, Who Cares? …all people do, but how might design care?

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