Patricio Davila, Daniel McCafferty, Rachele Riley, Joshua Singer


Different Data is a collaborative critical design research project by which we collect, manipulate, and display data in location-specific, and theme- driven scenarios. As research through-design and practice-based research, we investigates place and explore methods for generating and collecting data, developing an experimental approach to visualizing connections and meaning. We map hidden, overlooked and silent aspects of the urban cultural ecology.

We collect narratives of cities using standard datasets transforming it to ‘different data’—that which is affective, emotional, and subjective; marginal and little-valued; esoteric and ephemeral; idiosyncratic and absurd; questionable and inappropriate. Work is executed publicly into a seamful artifact that creates an alternate or counter- narrative. These explorations are designed to challenge preconceived notions of place and its dynamics, and offer another view of given reality.

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