Multimodal experiments in the design of a living archive

Laurene Vaughan, Reuben Stanton, Lukman Iwan, Jeremy Yuille, Jane Mullett, David Carlin, James Thom, Adrian Miles


Designing a ‘living archive’ that will enable new forms of circus performance to be realised is a complex and dynamic challenge. This paper discusses the methods and approaches used by the research team in the design of the Circus Oz Living Archive. Essential to this project has been the design of a responsive methodology that could embrace the diverse areas of knowledge and practice that have led to a design outcome that integrates the affordances of the circus with those of digital technologies. The term ‘living archive’ has been adopted as a means to articulate the dynamic nature of the archive. This is an archive that will always be evolving, not only because of the on going collection of content, but more importantly because the performance of the archive users will themselves become part of the archive collection.

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