Transdiscipline vs. Culture loss

Erika Marlene Cortés López


We live a reality of fear and hope...globalisation is considered contradictory on different aspects, it persuites human unification and homogenization of lifestyles, production, consumption and exchange all over the world, and everything it implies.

On the other hand, globalisation transgress the culture, enviroments and identities, leading to the disolution of the comunities that are part of a society, and turns them all into one with no identity.

The big sphere where we develop as individuals suffers fast and constant changes. We have lost the capacity to choose and decide over the quantity of objects, products and things that surround us.

Sometimes we do not know how to use them or if they have to be part or not of our life, nevertheless, we make them ours, for not feeling marginated. The design of some of these objects does not pay attention to values and cultural meanings which could establish empathy with users, although we live in a time that speaks about innovation and research of users needs, as a priority for making design.

The reconstruction of its methodology, since 1980, has explored the integration of social sciences, for developing new methods and tools, as well as new ways of sources, and material management. But this view has focused on the importance of the consumer’s power to create new forms to reach the clients.

We can lead this methodology further, the evolution of interdisciplinary workgroups has marked an important step, but the next one is focused on the defense of communities cultures, for not losing what has taken so long to build our identity.

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