Interaction Design as Experienced by Practitioners

Ann Lantz, Henrik Artman, Robert Ramberg


In this article the questions `what is interaction design┬┤ and `what does interaction design mean to interaction designers┬┤, are posed. We both look at the way people from within university/academia discuss interaction design as well as how people who label themselves interaction designers understand the area and describe their own practice. The empirical material presented is based on an interview study and a series of workshops. In the data three perspectives on interaction design emerged. This study illuminates that people who label themselves interaction designers assume a more holistic view on their endeavour for making interactive systems usable, they also describe their practice as being more progressive- and design oriented rather than construction- or usability oriented. In their work, respondents report on having acted almost as if they were project leaders, having an insight into the whole design process. Interaction designers build a repertoire of solutions and methods are reused.

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