BodyBug – Design of KinAesthetic Interaction

Jin Moen, Johan Sandsjö


Aesthetic aspects of interaction have become a well- discussed issue. In this article we present some early results from an ongoing doctoral project focusing on exploring the area of full body movement interaction and in particularly what we call “kinAesthetic interaction”. The article refers to an empirical study that aimed at exploring the area of bodily movements as interaction modality from a user centred perspective, and from this extracting important aspects that should be taken into account when designing movement interaction. We also present a prototype called BodyBug that has been designed and developed in order to exemplify movement interaction, based on design implications brought up in the empirical study. Implemented aspects reflect the experience of learning to sense and feel one’s own body and movement pattern; the diversity in different peoples’ body language; as well as the aesthetic experience of being able to feel flow and harmony when moving.

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