Don’t Destroy the Vitamins!– A Look at the “Tada” Microwave from Several Perspectives

Kyle Kilbourn


Design invariably creates artifacts. But do these prototypes, concepts or products constitute design research? By situating the newly created object with in socio-techno theories and explaining the design process of the artifact, this allows a designed object to mature into design research. A student designed concept known as the “Tada” microwave is presented and analyzed from the viewpoint of several “reading the object” theories. An understanding emerges to show how the device works in favor of the user through technological mediation and is respectful of social engagement, an important part of the cooking and dining experience. This research in to the design process shows how meaning can be reconstructed through acting with the designed product and can change the designer’s perspective of intended use. In an attempt to incorporate interaction style periods of kitchens, students explored ways to allow microwaves to encourage social behavior of its users.

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