Visionpool: A Visual Tool for Innovation

Villads Keiding


Visionpool is a new innovation tool based on pictures.
It has a large target group within design, human
resources and communication and it can be used for
developing ideas, for aligning expectations and
imaginations, and for benchmarking ongoing
processes. Visionpool uses image fragments with
special potential to develop associations, to support
structured conversation and processes of developing
ideas. The connection between the verbal formulation
of the premise of a case, and a relevant conceptual
visual expression is established from the very
beginning. Typical fields of use are idea developing in
television productions, concept developing and
clarifying customers’ needs in a broader sense within
design, clarifying interests and expectation within
advertising business, and as a tool for a number of
different innovation processes within human resource.
Visionpool brings classical methods of design into
business processes outside traditional fields of design,
and makes a qualified two ways visual
communication available to non-professionals.
Visionpool is developed by Visual Intelligence and
has its origination in developing of television

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