I’ll be your mirror

Jon Mårtensson


In certain areas of HCI a lack of reflection about the content in articles and articles is apparent. Are the results really legitimate? Are the claims made realistic? Sometimes rash conclusions are made with seemingly no deeper afterthought regarding the outcome of the research. But the debate about this is virtually non-existent. The voices that need to be raised are silent, or perhaps not interested in dealing with this problem. Who knows? This is the real problem which I will address in this short article – the lack of critical thinking within our own field of research. I will present three articles where parts of the content are worth debating. Doing so, I will be using a method partly derived from Socrates. I will then exemplify what I as a student have done to encourage this debate and finally give suggestions to what can be done in a larger scale in order to promote reflection in the HCI community.

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