Utilizing End User Knowledge in the Designing of Intelligent Workwear

Jukka Mäyrä, Riikka Matala, Petra Falin


This article contributes in the field of design to the overall knowledge of the utilization of the end users’ expertise in design and product development processes and adds to the knowledge of designing complex and highly technical products. The article describes the ways of utilizing end user knowledge and expertise in a process of designing and evaluating an intelligent workwear concept. The special focus of the article is on the methods and models for collecting and utilizing the end user knowledge. The article also maps the motives and consequences of the utilization of the user knowledge in the case and critically evaluates the possible problems of the utilization of the knowledge as well as its benefits and shortcomings in this particular case. The presented case is part of a research project funded by the Academy of Finland through the Proactive Computing research programme. The ongoing Methods and Models for Intelligent Garment Design [MeMoGa] research project is conducted by the University of Lapland during the years 2003–2005.

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