Cultural Variables and their Impact on Furniture Design Process in Globalization Era

Ahmed Mohammed Abdelrazik


It's known that human is a product of his environment. His thoughts, desires and needs formed according to his cultural trends which related to his society. These cultural trends differ from one country to another and depending on 

environment, history, language, religion and beliefs……Accordingly; we can find a huge difference in the cultures of people and their needs. 


In spite of the widespread application of globalization and its orientations in various fields, it is inconsistent (at least theoretically) with the concept of designer identity, as the designer is always trying (during the design process) to express himself and trying to reflect the culture (the character) of his society in order to solve the problems of his environment and achieve the needs of his people. 


The designer work needs to analyze and evaluate to understand the positivism or the negativism of the effect of his culture. So, this research is an attempt to resolve the conflict between the meaning of globalization and the concept of ''design identity'' which comes from a specific society and a specific culture, and applying the results in the field of furniture design.


Culture, Design Process, Identity and Globalization

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