Integrating Sustainability with a Regional Design Sector

Simon O'rafferty


Recent developments in European design policy are strengthening the links between design and sustainable development. Therefore, it increasingly important to understand evolving perspectives on sustainability and develop new approaches to building competencies amongst designers so they are in a position to respond and remain relevant. The potential mix of competencies is diverse and is challenging traditional perspectives on the role of the designer.

This article discusses interventions to build sustainable competencies in the design sector. It does this by presenting some insights from the early stages of developing a knowledge exchange programme in a region that has no existing programmes for sustainability in the design sector. This programme development was led by the Ecodesign Centre and was supported by the Welsh Assembly Government. The preliminary insights are drawn from two co-development workshops with designers in Wales and additional research undertaken by the Ecodesign Centre. The article doesn’t set out generalised policy recommendations but indicates some key areas for further discussion based on early empirical insights. 


design, policy, sustainability

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